My family moves a lot. Home is Wisconsin. But we’ve made a few new homes along the way as our moves have brought us progressively South, to the point where the only thing that separates us from the blistering heat of Mexico is “El Rio.” Additionally, with each move, we leave behind new friends. With family and friends scattered throughout the country, it can be hard to keep in touch. My hope is that this blog might help all of those people that we would love to see more often to keep track of our movement around the country and our daily adventures. After all, every day with an infant and a toddler is an adventure, especially when you are learning a new city! Because of our constant adventures, life can become quite a blur when you stop and look back, I want a place where my daughters and I can look back to and read about and see some of the interesting and uninteresting experiences we’ve had together. Thanks for reading, and please share your comments!


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  1. Hi! I have a toddler boy and baby girl and was hoping to use this cute domain name for a site about them because it’s what we call them. Any chance you are done using it? I’m happy to pay you for the trouble.

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