She’s Complete!


There was a reason we had never gone to “Build-a-Bear.” But grandmas have a way of spoiling their grandchildren and children have a way of hearing what parents don’t want them to hear.

Grandma: Does G like that store?
Me: She’s never been in it. Hint, hint…
G: (Looking around and determining that “that store” can only be the one with the giant teddy bear in the window) Mom, I LOVE that store. Let’s go in that store.
Me: (Looking at Grandma) Ok. But I’m not buying anything.

Twenty minutes later we emerged from the new favorite store with a large, bright white Hello Kitty, stuffed by G. I was surprised to learn that the whole “Build-a-Bear” process is really quite sweet. Grandma helped G to rub Hello Kitty’s heart in her hands to warm it up and stuff it in her chest and choose a sound for Hello Kitty to make. Now, every time you squeeze her hand, you will get a big cute kiss and it really couldn’t be a more perfect sound for the little creature to make.  G named  her Hello Kitty, of course, and after an air shower and a brushing to remove all of the extra fuzz, carefully avoiding the endless clothing options, and standing in the long check out line,  G left the store with her new Hello Kitty, her birth certificate, and a sparkly pink bow attached to her ear.  Grandma’s treat!  I received the “Build-a-Bear” Rewards Card!

Well, Hello Kitty looks quite naked with nothing but her pink bow velcroed to her ear.  And we REALLY needed to get out of the house on Saturday, and playing outside was not an option.  The day following a rainstorm means MUD.  Everywhere.  Since it had rained a ton Friday, we headed to the mall playground, conveniently located right by the new favorite store.  If you had to look at Hello Kitty every day getting grayer and dingier, you too would want her to cover up to save you from the constant spot cleaning.

So once again, I reluctantly entered G’s favorite store.  After finding each and every tutu and ballet type slipper in the store, G was able to narrow down her favorites until she was left with a sequin covered pink and purple tutu and leotard and some sparkly pink slippers.  We weaved our way through dozens of little girls who were attending a birthday party at the store to the check out line.  I handed over my Rewards Card and the credit card.

So far, G has taught Hello Kitty how to point her toe, leap, jump over the puddle, and throw her flowers.  They prance around the house together perfecting their ballet dancing.  It is quite the entertaining sight!

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