“Look! I’m a mommy!”

Among other things, G wants to be a mommy when she grows up, and she has started practicing at the young ripe age of 2. If it’s not a baby doll in her arms, it’s a baby something: Giraffe, polar bear, bunny, fork, celery… She changes diapers, tucks babies into bed, grocery shops after dropping the kids at school, and even hikes up her shirt and puts baby to the breast. She’s a pretty good mimic. Maybe slightly less discreet than her model.

But then there was the make up. While making Mother’s Day gifts this year she turned the bingo dobbers on herself, happily exclaiming,

“Look! I’m a mommy!”

What the hell? I don’t even wear make up! She’s probably watched me apply make up twice in her not even three years. So what I want to know is who taught her how to paint her face like a mommy clown?